Monday, June 27, 2011

Painting :)

The brush sways
Across a page
This is what I live for.
The easel set
The paint still wet
In greys like iron ore.
I gaze at
My canvas that
Seems to be
Gazing back at me.
I touch the art
And it leaves arcs
Of paint streaming down my fingers.
I take my hands
Move them this way and that
And throw the paint back down
With a loud

After its dried
And hung up on my wall
I stare at it with pride.
I gave it my all.

Just in case anyone was wondering the sudden change in mood in my poetry, this was just a little change, no big deal :)

<Copyright Faith C. 2011>

Monday, June 20, 2011

Never Ending Black World

A fleeting bliss.
A bright blue sky.
These are things
Which people dye
A shade of black
For you and I.

A fluttering wind.
A swaying breeze.
A dark life among
The many trees
Which surround us
And bring us to our knees.

As night starts to fall
Things start to fade
My visions blurred
Life has taken a new shade.

No longer will light shine to us
The mist keeps falling
I hear you calling
But can no longer see you.
And your voice is now dead.

Will we ever escape this black world
I'm frightened now
I start to cry.
I want nothing more than
To be by your side.

I stand up now
Clear off my sorrow,
And begin to walk
Till the end of tomorrow.

<Copyright Faith C. 2011>


I am but a small leaf in the pouring rain, 
Getting all wet in the rain and darkness surrounds me as clouds roll in...
I get blown around in the wind and it causes me pain... 
So lots of times, after the storm has passed, I'm crumpled,
Tossed aside,and even nearly split in half.
But eventually, other leaves think I've recovered 
And dance in the breeze, but it's not me.
For it is just an other leaf...

<Copyright Faith C. 2011>

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Cherish Your Last Dying Breath

It's inevitable.
So many words can describe it. 
So many... So many...
Everyone cries, at least, most do. 
Because, the only reason, is because we miss you.
We love you, and always will,
We laughed together, our hearts were filled.
And still are...
Don't forget us, wherever you are, 
However close, however far.
Across the stars, and open seas, 
Even right above our heads. Aren't we
Allowed to cry? 
I must not, I shant.
Alone, I do. Around others, I can't.
People who mourn, are mourners, no doubt, 
And around each other, our tears will come out.
Sorrow will fill us, now and then,
For we have now known, we have lost a dearest friend.
So my dear, be happy, 
Even if you're inside death...
'Cause to us, you'll be here,
So now cherish your last dying breath.
Please dear cherish your last dying breath...
Even though...
It's not your last for long...
I promise.

<Copyright Faith C. 2011>

Thursday, June 9, 2011


Bloodshed, Bloodshed
Every thought in my head leads to 
All the tears, that stream, across my face,
Now spread across the human race.

Every cry, I have uttered, leads to utter despair.
As I gasp, as I breathe, I can't help losing air.
People think, I am crazy, thinking this way.
I can't help it, and my mind is here to stay, so there is

Bloodshed, Bloodshed.
Every thought in my heads leads to
Your cries pound all at once, against my ears.
To them, I just can't bear to hear.

You'd never think how much, I cry in fright.
Screaming, in the darkness, into the night.
People say, I am crazy, thinking this way,
But I know, oh I know, I shall never stray.

So there is

Bloodshed, Bloodshed.
Every thought in my head leads to 
All the tears, that once, plagued all my place,
Now fall upon
Their wretched face.

<Copyright Faith C. 2011>