Sunday, June 19, 2011

Cherish Your Last Dying Breath

It's inevitable.
So many words can describe it. 
So many... So many...
Everyone cries, at least, most do. 
Because, the only reason, is because we miss you.
We love you, and always will,
We laughed together, our hearts were filled.
And still are...
Don't forget us, wherever you are, 
However close, however far.
Across the stars, and open seas, 
Even right above our heads. Aren't we
Allowed to cry? 
I must not, I shant.
Alone, I do. Around others, I can't.
People who mourn, are mourners, no doubt, 
And around each other, our tears will come out.
Sorrow will fill us, now and then,
For we have now known, we have lost a dearest friend.
So my dear, be happy, 
Even if you're inside death...
'Cause to us, you'll be here,
So now cherish your last dying breath.
Please dear cherish your last dying breath...
Even though...
It's not your last for long...
I promise.

<Copyright Faith C. 2011>

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