Monday, June 20, 2011

Never Ending Black World

A fleeting bliss.
A bright blue sky.
These are things
Which people dye
A shade of black
For you and I.

A fluttering wind.
A swaying breeze.
A dark life among
The many trees
Which surround us
And bring us to our knees.

As night starts to fall
Things start to fade
My visions blurred
Life has taken a new shade.

No longer will light shine to us
The mist keeps falling
I hear you calling
But can no longer see you.
And your voice is now dead.

Will we ever escape this black world
I'm frightened now
I start to cry.
I want nothing more than
To be by your side.

I stand up now
Clear off my sorrow,
And begin to walk
Till the end of tomorrow.

<Copyright Faith C. 2011>

1 comment:

  1. I love your writing kiddo, so proud of you, you are so talented. But, for my own peace of mind, could you write something happy one day please?