Saturday, December 17, 2011

Idealistic Happiness

In a world so massively, enormously large
I am but a tiny fraction.
No one else can hear my words,
Feel my thoughts, see my actions.
I'm left out of crowds
I'm not easily noticed
I don't have huge piles of friends
I'm almost never the center of anyone's focus.

My clothes are not bright
I look like I'm boring
But then again, most people don't even try
To get to know me.
I stand in silence
Try not to get hurt
But, in truth, it doesn't work.
I still get hurt anyway.

I'm not always good at speaking my mind
I don't have much confidence
But slowly, I feel like I'm getting better
By months, days, and seconds.
Someday, maybe I,
Might be the one leading
No longer as shy.

I'll stop living in my "hell",
And break out of my shell
Reach towards the light
Grasp the sun
And shine so bright.

<Copyright Faith C. 2011>