Thursday, March 29, 2012

The darkness surrounds me.

The depth surrounds me, immersed with no chance of survival
I struggle, thrashing about in the pool in the terrifying abyss
I am alone, still I long for companions
The night approaches within minutes, eerie sounds following its arrival
My spine shivers, my shoulders shuddering so profusely and out of my control
The agonizing pain of the chilling liquid just caused more frustration
The numbness in my limbs growing ever more tedious as I flailed about
The water suddenly turned salty and splashed into my irises
Now the pain began reaching its peak, making my small body convulse
I begin to slip beneath the surface, the salty water filling my mouth, nose and eyes
My screams turn into bubbles, never to be heard by a soul
I attempt to swim towards the oxygen above, only to find the surface glossed over with ice
Using all the power I may muster, I begin repetitively beating the glass, to no avail
Suddenly, the pain vanishes, and my eyes feel heavy with the feel of exhaustion
The all the pain and numbness I had felt just seconds ago left me
The surface appears miles away, as my body falls downward, sinking into cooler parts of the liquid
The rush of relief I felt must have been happiness, I assured myself
My vision scans the water once more, taking everything in
My eyes close in a deep sleep as I drift away.

<Copyright Faith C. 2012>

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