Sunday, March 4, 2012

How Would You Feel?

How would you feel
If your whole world collapsed?
How would you feel
If your life was lost in the grass?
How would you feel
Without me around?

What if someday
I vanished from your world?
Not a memory
Or a thought, or a word.

Would you act any different?
Would you go on with your life?
Because there was never such a strong bond between us
Not like husband and wife.

Would I, do the same?
Forget everything we went through
All of it in vain?
Maybe I'd keep the memories close
But still never regret the path I chose
To move away from everything
Everyone I knew.

Your life would move on
As would mine
The last time our hearts touched
It was divine
But it's now yet another memory
Between you and I.

<Copyright Faith C. 2012>

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