Thursday, March 22, 2012

One Leap.

One leap, sprung out
Arms spread wide, embracing the air as I fall
Nothing around me but the free wind
My hair flung back, mouth formed into a smile
Barely hearing my laughter over the roaring of the wind in my ears
One rush sends my body spinning like a roller coaster
Enhancing my childish glee and spirit
I curl my body into a ball
Increasing my speed and furthering my descent
I stretch my legs out, keeping my arms crossed tightly over my chest
I arc my back and shout, the thrill of this fall creating adrenaline
And sending it pumping through my veins
I close my eyes, hair whipping around my face
Enjoying every second of my body being flung downward
My body begins to slow as I approach the ground below
My feet carefully touch the soft grass and the rest of my body follows
I finally open my eyes, gazing at the fluttering feathers falling around me
I lay in the field, letting the breeze caress my body
My wings forming a circle around me.

<Copyright Faith C. 2012>

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