Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The Withered

The pestilential man
Walking alone
So sad and distraught
He no longer has a home.
He's merely waiting
For death's sweet kiss
An angel awaiting
Heaven's bliss.
So lost in his daydreams
He falls to the ground
He's clothed in rags
But they feels like crowns
Upon his skin, how they glimmer
Glistening vibrantly
They shine and shimmer....
He opens his eyes
Staring up towards the sky
Tears well up
His small smile flashing
His hands, now outstretched
His life complete
His goal
Now met.

<Copyright Faith C. 2013>

Wednesday, January 2, 2013


You first reached out for my hand
I did not take it.
You told me that you loved me
I felt like you were faking.
You've reached your arms out
Offering an embrace
And when I declined shyly
It was like laughing in your face...
Although I never realized
This pain that lurks inside
Of me It pains my chest to feel it
Burning inside my heart
I know I've turned you down
Unconsciously, you never frowned
Around me.
You bring laughter to my mouth
Spin my head all around
I feel crazy when I'm near
But socializing's a fear
Of mine And even though I knew this
I always felt bliss
Around you, waiting for a kiss....
But Then I look and see
The one you love, she is not me
And I clutch my hands to my chest
I'm standing alone, and yes
I think you felt it too
But nevertheless, it did not come true
I turned away, so many times
Its obvious, that you're not mine....

<Copyright Faith C. 2013>