Wednesday, January 2, 2013


You first reached out for my hand
I did not take it.
You told me that you loved me
I felt like you were faking.
You've reached your arms out
Offering an embrace
And when I declined shyly
It was like laughing in your face...
Although I never realized
This pain that lurks inside
Of me It pains my chest to feel it
Burning inside my heart
I know I've turned you down
Unconsciously, you never frowned
Around me.
You bring laughter to my mouth
Spin my head all around
I feel crazy when I'm near
But socializing's a fear
Of mine And even though I knew this
I always felt bliss
Around you, waiting for a kiss....
But Then I look and see
The one you love, she is not me
And I clutch my hands to my chest
I'm standing alone, and yes
I think you felt it too
But nevertheless, it did not come true
I turned away, so many times
Its obvious, that you're not mine....

<Copyright Faith C. 2013>

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