Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Poetry I wrote for my English teacher xD

An echo is my middle name
In the shadows is where I live my life
For I am a whisper, not longing for fame
And I will always recede from the light

I prefer the dark colors, they provide salvation
Black, grey, and blue
And even with brights mixed in on occastion
I will remain a dismal hue

My life is a bleak one
And so I wait until I burn
Nothing do I consider "fun"
Please choose for me, a beautiful urn.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Night rolls in
Cold chills your skin
Fear creeps within
There is no solace in sin

The shudders grow profuse
Now, there is no use
Failed attempts to hang the noose
Barrages of your own self-abuse

Still the silence crawls
So dress yourself just like a doll
No one sees your pain, after all
Hide it as you fall

Despair is your only friend
Bring your pain to an end
As all the mixed emotions blend
Nothing shall amend

The light you show
Since long ago
Has been blinded by your own woe
In a box, it will stay, let it go
That peaceful box will not overflow.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

My attempt at trying to write something decent after months of not posting/writing anything.

All of my soul
Withering away
All the pieces of my heart
Littered with frays

Tears leave a stain
Bitter, painful
My mouth screams with no voice
Unneeded, disdainful

I live without purpose
No dreams nor ambitions
I am forever punished
God, all is so vicious

Kill me please, for I pray for death
Stick your dagger deep in my chest
Lay my unfinished chapters to rest

Everything is built from lies
And even when the child cries
Human beings I despise

Words are so empty
People change on a dime
And although I was once deceived
I won't be fooled this time

I lay my hand down at my side
The tears now sleeping, dry
The knife is clean, absent of blood
My smile stays wry

No need for emotions
Unnecessary things
For my disease, there's no potion
No magic remedy

I will simply live, showing spite
Pushing my legs forward
An eternal fight.