Thursday, March 26, 2015


So, I wrote this poem who knows how long ago.
I found it while going through everything in my room. I'm throwing away a bunch of stuff so I'll write the poem here and get rid of the paper it's written on.
I probably wrote this in my freshman year of highschool. I'm almost done with my junior year.

Clusters of people
Moving as one
A single entity
Here there are none

Here I observe
Standing idly by
My gaze shifted downcast
Avoiding spiteful eyes

My complacency is noted
A permanent scowl imprinted
Hard-workingly silent
Giving no pleasant incentives

Mutters, whispers
Emanating despair
A refined taste in insults
An expert in glares

I try not to be cynical
But always, I digress
Please, spare me of your distrusting questions
I will not act in any distress

You are alone
Never forget
You chose your life
So hold no regrets.

..Ah. I think those were my real feelings back then.
I can clearly remember myself from before.
I still have thoughts like this sometimes.

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